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After hacks and delays, and a holiday from posting, Groundswell has updated its site, making repairs to Media, and the WordPress main engine and we’re getting ready to post some revealing zingers…

Hint: MSA Reauthorization must consider the path of Alaska’s corrupt U.S. Senators in Catch Shares and other fisheries issues.  We’ll be bringing you Dept. of Justice and U.S. Senate Ethics Committee filings that were filed in Washington DC in the past – Unredacted!  Yes, they are important to remember as MSA Reauthorization 2017-18 has begun…

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Eat Wild Fish!

Steve Welch takes on Catch Shares & Council & Government Regulation

Commercial fisherman, Steve Welch of Plymouth, speaks against essential fish habitat proposals, and strongly opposes Catch Share mentality of regional fish council that is ruining our industry.

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Groundswell notes that such anti-Catch Share feelings are common among many in Alaska, as NOAA/NMFS plunders forward on giving away national resources under a stewardship trust, as if the USA actually owned the fish inside 200-miles (which it does not!) to enrich a few sealords through government giveaways.  There is no “sharing” save for sharing chairs in the elitist 5% caste system CS’s create; or laborers sharing among 95% in the impoverished caste. Class warfare is not management of ocean stocks.

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BLUE STATE OF MIND #2 – Listen up…


Here’s the second half of the first show for listeners.  You will have to click the link below and use DOWNLOAD once in the Dropbox feature.  If you have your own Dropbox account, well you know what to do to save it across to your files.

Once downloaded, your computer should activate MediaPlayer or iTunes or some other audio program that you have Preferences set for the .m4a file extension.  Complex?  We hope not, so have a listen…


Blue State of Mind – Groundswell 2


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On your way now!

On your way now!

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Kodiak’s “Big-5” Fish Processors file Rockfish catch share lawsuit #2

More on Rockfish Corruption... “The  other rockfish lawsuit” — by Andrew Jensen, Alaska Journal of Commerce

  “Trident, Ocean Beauty, Westward Seafoods, North Pacific Seafoods and
International Seafoods of Alaska sue NMFS over rockfish program. ”       

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THE VERY AUDACITY THAT THESE PROCESSORS HAVE A RIGHT TO SHARE IN THE RENTS OF HARVESTERS WHO CATCH FISH AND ALREADY SUFFER MARKET POWERS THAT DEPRESS FISH TICKET PRICES! DO HARVESTERS THEREFORE HAVE RIGHTS TO SHARE IN THE ECONOMIC INTERMEDIARIES’ VALUE-ADDED PROCESSING ALL THE WAY FROM DOCKSIDE TO THE RETAIL READY STAGE?!?  If they want a split of the fishermen’s “20% or less” then we want a share of their “80% or more” globally.  States and nations must also concern themselves with picking up the social costs of this increasing price-fixing around the world.  Alaska sits on its duff and plays dumb to it all, and to Abusive Transfer Pricing and the FISHRON it indicates.  At least the fishermen pay USA taxes!

While we ready an update, read this PDF to learn about the corruption inherent in the RPP (Rockfish Pilot Program) Cooperative going back over a decade, which might be insight into how the legal case will see potential intervention or amicus filings by smaller processor(s): GlobalSfds_KodiakCityWS_Nov7-2006 

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Gulf of Alaska Trawl Bycatch Destruction of Halibut & Crab Fisheries

Groundswell has posted up on YouTube a video “GOA Trawl Bycatch” for friends and associates in the central Gulf of Alaska, re Kodiak Island grounds.  Kodiak was once ‘The King Crab Capitol of the World’ and now we barely have any crab fishing – due in large part to bottom trawling, no doubt.  It’s all about massive waste and destruction that harms the ocean resources, and can be found at:   Please watch it – using pause button when needed to read each slide…

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Cohen Commission Evidence Available – Net Cage Salmon

Farmed & Dangerous posts net-cage salmon aquaculture information re British Columbia:

Sept. 30, 2011 – Cohen Inquiry: Outcome of the disease & aquaculture hearings –

“The disease and aquaculture hearings at the Cohen Inquiry have come to a close. While it wasn’t expected that a “smoking gun” would emerge during the hearings with headlines splashed all over the news, the victories for those working to protect BC’s wild salmon from the impacts of net-cage salmon farming were in the quality of information submitted as evidence that is now in the public domain, and available on the Cohen Commission website. ”  Read more

ScoringAg News: IG Office cites USDA-AMS re COOL Law failures

United States Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Marketing Service pressured to enforce COOL Law now 

COOL Law Compliance


According to a September 12, 2011 News Release by ScoringAg: The Office of Inspector General has cited USDA-AMS for not enforcing the COOL Law. All Fish/Shellfish, wild and farm raised including handlers up to retail will be accountable for COOL labeling and traceback recordkeeping for one year. 


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Catch Shares – Nils Stolpe on Conspiracy, Cooperation, or Coincidence

Call it conspiracy, cooperation or coincidence, but no matter what you call it, the public record isn’t going to change

Nils E. Stolpe/Fish Net USA — May 08, 2011

The following link will carry you to a great article about the framework of Catch Shares promotion — which is a long-term, coordinated effort by a select few to convert Public Commonweal into Privatized Property.

The following page contains some federal guideline discussion, which may illuminate the legal underpinnings that favor Stolpe’s perceptions…

And if you have any doubts that a Conspiracy (and the related Damage Control) happened in Alaska’s Crab Rationalization (privatization) regime, just read the Addendum at

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Senator Lisa Murkowski – one way of Stealing an Election is revealed

 Updated: Jan. 24, 2011 – $1.4 billion in government contract to 4 Alaska Native Corporations in 2009.   Please, do not call these kickbacks as that simply could not be true in a mere case of, shall we say, just campaign contributions and “anticipations.”  (Pls excuse spelling error etc.)

Thank you very much, Senator...


"I didn't promise anything in return" (wink, nod...)

January 14, 2011 — In an earlier article on this website, Groundswell revealed its reasons why Alaskan voters should not vote for Lisa Murkowski as U.S. Senator.  We noted her desire to do special legislation to grant the for-profit subsidiaries of Community Development Quota non-profits an exemption from federal income taxes.  Since the certification of Murkowski to the Senate, again, she has — along with Alaska’s Democrat in the U.S. Senate, Mark Begich and two Washington State Democratic U.S. Senators (Maria Cantwell and Patti Murray), forwarded a Ted Stevens like end-run legislation on fisheries law, S.1609, to establish a Cooperative for Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands Cod Longliner Catcher Processors.  Talk about a payback system working quick!  With a little sleight of hand — no thanks to Maria Cantwell for sponsoring S.1609 — the direct kickback nature got washed a little.  But anyone on the ground in Alaska prior to the general election is fully aware of the role played by the Native organizations and Seattle and Tokyo-owned fish companies in providing Murkowski with the money to wage an all out write-in campaign.

“Alaskans Standing Together” — Native organizations gave $895,000 to Murkowski campaign.

In our earlier article, we linked you to the website for the campaign contributions received by Murkowski.  Media across the nation noted the role of the Supreme Court’s decision to allow corporate money to be spent lavishly and largely unrestricted for such campaigns, and Murkowski’s run as a write-in candidate was noted as one of the first major outcomes of that decision.  We’d like to update readers in a simple way, today.  Just take a look at the following table of which “contributors” gave to Alaskans Standing Together, and then ask yourself if it is really fair to steal an election by funneling monies from groups who are large recipients of government no-bid contracts and other special deals, where that very Senator has a lot of pull in Congress.

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