BLUE STATE OF MIND #1 – Listen up…

smsmsmIn 2007, Shannyn Moore — the brilliant mind, clear voice of experience in Alaska fisheries, and nationwide known talk show host — fulfilled her wish to do a FISHERIES Talk Radio show on station in Anchorage, Alaska.  She had become aware of the public advocacy, and anti-corruption, efforts of the Groundswell Fisheries Movement and offered Stephen Taufen, Groundswell’s founder, a chance to go live radio.

BLUE STATE OF MIND (c) 2007  Photo Credit – Shannyn Moore site

See #4 at her MOORE UP NORTH Public TV show on fisheries, with Alaskans covering issues from the Pebble Mine to Transfer Pricing, see the link:  Taufen was fresh out of the hospital again and bloated up with 3 gallons of extra body fluid, but ready to be there for the public… and the Groundswell advocacy.

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Kodiak’s “Big-5” Fish Processors file Rockfish catch share lawsuit #2

More on Rockfish Corruption... “The  other rockfish lawsuit” — by Andrew Jensen, Alaska Journal of Commerce

  “Trident, Ocean Beauty, Westward Seafoods, North Pacific Seafoods and
International Seafoods of Alaska sue NMFS over rockfish program. ”       

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THE VERY AUDACITY THAT THESE PROCESSORS HAVE A RIGHT TO SHARE IN THE RENTS OF HARVESTERS WHO CATCH FISH AND ALREADY SUFFER MARKET POWERS THAT DEPRESS FISH TICKET PRICES! DO HARVESTERS THEREFORE HAVE RIGHTS TO SHARE IN THE ECONOMIC INTERMEDIARIES’ VALUE-ADDED PROCESSING ALL THE WAY FROM DOCKSIDE TO THE RETAIL READY STAGE?!?  If they want a split of the fishermen’s “20% or less” then we want a share of their “80% or more” globally.  States and nations must also concern themselves with picking up the social costs of this increasing price-fixing around the world.  Alaska sits on its duff and plays dumb to it all, and to Abusive Transfer Pricing and the FISHRON it indicates.  At least the fishermen pay USA taxes!

While we ready an update, read this PDF to learn about the corruption inherent in the RPP (Rockfish Pilot Program) Cooperative going back over a decade, which might be insight into how the legal case will see potential intervention or amicus filings by smaller processor(s): GlobalSfds_KodiakCityWS_Nov7-2006 

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Alaska Senator Murkowski will co-chair Bipartisan Oceans Caucus

Nation needs to be careful of Senate’s Oceans Caucus & its participants.

September 12, 2011 — Republican U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski told media that she will be co-chairwoman of a new bipartisan Senate Oceans Caucus.  The caucus will educate congressional members with briefings on ocean research and policy. 

 If Abusive Transfer Pricing is not a part of the syllabus, then it can’t be called an education!

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Lisa Murkowski’s elitism keeps Alaska from self-sufficiency – vote for a real Alaskan.


Plea Bargaining with the Voters ... Lisa Murkowski

 Tomorrow is shaping up to be the most interesting voting day in Alaska — one so dominated by a U.S. Senate race that it seems nothing else is on the voters’ minds, at least over the coffee table.    I can’t vote for Lisa Murkowski for at least four important reasons.  She’s an elitist who supports low value resource extraction from Alaska, who willingly plunged toward real estate sweetheart profits hoping to gain personal advantage from taxpayer funds, while protecting foreign corporations who practice global tax evasion that greatly harms the state and nation.  She also leads legislation for Community Development Quota non-profit firms to make only their for-profit subsidiaries free from federal taxes, and is blind to how that will eventually decimate the fishing industry economy.    Murkowski’s right up there leading the GOP goons who are crushing the middle class and more than just dabbling in poverty creation.  It’s her kind of politician that keeps Alaska under the knuckles of a Resource Curse global beast and held back by the jackboots of its limited corporate membership.  She isn’t a Marxist, just one of those who supports and helps set up all the conditions of disenfranchisement, disillusionment and peonage that ensures anarchy will soon arise because the People tire of living debt flattened lives so a few elitists can live the money fattened life.    

What kind of Outside money buys an election?

 Nov. 2 UPDATE: I McVoted today, have you?  The polls close soon… drive carefully.  

 Nov. 3 UPDATE: 0130 hrs. – write-ins strong enough to force a recount or a hand count?  Wonder how many in the US Senate and Justice Department will be interested in fact that Alaska Native Corporations spent $1.2 million backing Murkowski, when so much of their profits derived from government funded programs?  But the yet-to-be-contested ballot counts are not even going to be tallied up until possibly November 21st! 

 UPDATE: Nov. 3rd, 0845 hrs. AST – Write-ins in total have pulled ahead of Joe Miller by 7%.  Amazing, Lisa’s backers disingenously complained that outside money (Tea Party) caused her to lose the primary, but it is now clear that Outside money may help her squeeze out a win.  It’s been nothing but a business transaction for the Seattle fish companies and beneficiaries of privatization in federal fisheries, the K-streeters whose cut comes from running legislative sales through Murkowski’s office, and the major oil companies who want to continue to ripoff Alaskan crude cheaply.  Then add in the circular laundering of pay-to-play no-bid contractors who cling to federal purse strings and one thing becomes clear:   

The final Public Integrity crackdown on Alaska’s remaining political dung is going to be tougher than the Fifth Labour of Hercules – Cleaning up the Augean Stables.  

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Abusive Transfer Pricing – 1 – Groundswell in the 1990’s


Shipping Profits Offshore in Products

A Transfer Price is a controlled price between related firms that is charged for a product or service.  When the transaction fails to follow acceptable “arm’s length pricing” principles, and varies from a “comparable, uncontrolled price” to such an extent that it violates established tax codes, it can be termed an “Abusive Transfer Price” (ATP).  The PDF file below contains pages from Groundswell’s earliest efforts to resolve problems of such profit-shifting across international borders between “host nation” U.S. subsidiaries of foreign-controlled corporations (FCC) whose parent firms are domiciled in Japan or Korea, their home nation. 

TRANSFER PRICING basic diagrams & articles – for you to read in support of the primary discussion below: 

ATP_Binder_1 And… ATP_Binder_2 

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