Adak ANC Boondogglers still after Federal and State funds

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska has a long list of recipients, including all State of Alaska legislators, for ongoing filing notices regarding the Adak electric utility.  This is a January 28, 2010 response on behalf of Larry Davison and Stephen Taufen, once contracted to be the privatizers of the utility.  It partially informs those now being asked to commit/supply more taxpayer funds to Adak to beware more boondoggling and defrauding of public funds.  The Alaska Native Corporation involved because of the Navy and Interior agreements that resulting in a land swap — the Aleut Corporation and its subsidiaries — should be required to self-fund the new utility and distribution systems.

All Alaskans and federal taxpayers should be concerned … and it is long past time for the boondoggle to end.

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Adak Runs Amok: GAO Study Apropos – Judges got J-Hooked

2005 -2006 reprints…

February 2010 – Adak remains in Alaska’s news because of Fisheries and Regulatory Commission concerns over electrical power failures and the tariff.  Other media making recent posts may benefit from some earlier pieces by Groundswell.  The tales of fraud and involvement of ex-senator Ted Stevens and his son, Ben Stevens (who was on the board of the Aleut Enterprise Corp. a decade ago) were a good example of what the GAO needed to know about an example of (8)a Alaska Native Corporations misuse of federal funds.  In April of 2006, we wrote a letter (page 1) to the GAO.   

This pre-dates deeper U.S. Senate investigations into ANC financing.  Adak was and remains a major cover-up!  Political powers suppressed FOIA requests.  It’s quite the story … as FRAUD VITIATES ALL THAT FOLLOWS.  In 2010, as Adak entities (ANC, City, Utility) continues to ask for more State and Federal financial backing (boondoggles!), it may be instructive to see how $7.6 million or more was already stripped from governor funds and ADF&G coffers and other sources.  Groundswell believes the Aleut Corporation already owes the utility over $7 million, and should have to self-fund a new electric utility and power distribution system by itself, on the ‘island it owns’ (i.e. in the service area).   


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