State Department 1994 Unclassified: Lingering Resentment by Japan fleets

U.S. Salmon Poached by Hokkaido fleets in Russian EEZ – Bristol Bay Fishermen blindsided

In January of 2002, Groundswell wrote a lengthy review of U.S.-Japan’s FCN (Friendship, Commerce and Navigation) Treaty treatment for submittal on the docket with the Maritime Administration regarding Pollock issues of vessel ownership etc.  Following are just a few excerpts about that Japanese corporate fishing giants’ attitude about North Pacific fishing that were taken from an ‘UNCLASSIFIED’ communiqué (obtained by a 1998-2000 FOIA request) from the U.S. Embassy-Sapporo dated January 1994 to the Secretary of State at DOS Washington D.C. 

Given the fact that Japanese fleets were taking large quantities of U.S. bound Sockeye Salmon inside the Russian EEZ, and our Alaska runs were hugely impacted by such poaching arrangements (made under cover of catching Chum salmon), it makes one wonder what is in the ‘Classified’ documents not yet obtained.   Due to interference by Sen. Ted Stevens in the MarAd process, Groundswell withheld its own testimony from the docket — one richly illuminating about FCN rights, MFN treatment, and other relevant law.  Let’s just say that Treaties do not grant foreign nations’ corporations vastly superior rights, merely reciprocal ones — something Ted never did get straight.

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