American and States Flags should fly proudly at RFMC sessions

By 2006, Groundswell was tired of watching the North Pacific Fishery Management Council conduct its foreign-serving resource allocation business while chaired by a paid lobbyist for Japanese-owned, Alaskan shoreside plant interests without presence of the Flag.  So, a Vietnam Vet marched in the American flag as Taufen gave public testimony, and asked that the Council pledge its allegiance to the USA.  It began quite the tale of events and correspondence, which at one point had the secretary for the Secretary of Commerce ensuring that we receive a letter, after NOAA Director Hogarth was forced to address the situation.  We have checked with other RFMCs, and not all require the state flags and American flag to be present at the start of and during each Council session — which should be a standard operating procedure, along with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Enjoy this bit of advocacy history…

Much of this is a reprint from

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