Now we eat Whales!: USA bought vessels post-WWII

March 3, 2007  Hiding slaughter on the high seas as “research” is comparable to white-washing massive thefts from the U.S. Treasury as “management and conservation” regimes.

Here are two primers to help readers understand some background issues for the upcoming May 2007 International Whaling Commission meeting. First is a short reminder of how Japan misbehaves in whaling, and related legal concerns, which could be further explored by media in the upcoming months. Second, to add a little discipline to Ted Stevens and his cronies, we’d like to republish an article that sheds light on how past behind-the-scenes United States dealings with Japan’s whaling industry had long ago shored up, in part, the hegemony Japan’s cartel increasingly enjoys today in Alaska’s fisheries, as well.

And the work of Sea Shepherd, criticized by some as militant for attempting to fowl propellors and rudders on “Japanese Research vessels” has to be put in a longer term perspective … i.e. Just who started this economic warfare, in the first place?


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