CDQ Subsidiary Partners to Acquire Seafood Plant in Occupied Dutch Harbor


A newly formed LLC led by Siu Alaska Corporation and Copper River Seafood’s acquires idle Dutch Harbor plant formerly known as Harbor Crown Seafood

Anchorage, AK, August 9, 2010: A new company known as Dutch Harbor Acquisitions LLC has purchased the assets of the Harbor Crown processing plant located in Dutch Harbor.  Dutch Harbor Acquisitions LLC is led by Siu Alaska Corporation and Copper River Seafoods, who have formed the LLC in order to create a seafood company that reflects the strength and experience of both entities.  

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Community Development Quota (CDQ) groups unveiled by Journal of Commerce

Friday, August 6, 2010 — Andrew Jensen of the Alaska Journal of Commerce wrote two revealing articles about how some CDQ entities excessively reward certain managers and employ Washington DC lobbyists.  For now, here’s the link to the articles, the CDQ’s January 2009 request letter to Alaska delegates in Congress, and a copy of the latest draft of the legislation. 

1. CDQ execs reel in nearly $4 million since 2006″

2. “CDQ groups pursue tax break even as some say they don’t need it”

January 2009 – 6 CDQs write Congressional delegates requesting special tax-break legislation:  CDQ_tax_ltr_Jan09 

Nome Nugget article on congressional scoring of the proposed tax break: CDQ Tax Break – NomeNugget

Latest Draft  of the Tax Break Legislation (available to Groundswell):  CDQ MAT10481 Extenders Amdt

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Justice Department Prosecutors Sweep Desktop Clean of Don Young

August 4, 2010 – Erika Bolstad and Richard Mauer of the Anchorage Daily News report that Don Young’s office has announced that they have been told no charges will be filed against Alaska’s lone Congressman, Don Young.  Maybe they are just sweeping off their desktops to get to other cases, as for now Young’s office is being discreet in what they say before attorneys give them their scripts.  Maybe there are clues in that and the words about Young “cooperated” with authorities. 

Please visit ADN for the developing story… and look at Alaska Dispatch where Jill Burke gives more detailed coverage … [1730 hrs AST]  Opponents in the upcoming House race say the issue of Young and corruption is not over.   Let’s elect someone who will go to DC to clean up corruption and stiffen the laws so creeps like Young never serve again!


An Antidote to Unaccountable Corporate Lies – DISCLOSE Act – by Paul Rogat Loeb

 The Congressional DISCLOSE Act would require organizations involved in electoral campaigning to reveal the identities of their major donors in their political ads.

You might enjoy these 2 articles by Groundswell’s friend … but be sure to also research the Fair Elections Now Act that would limit a person’s contributions to $100 for any candidate…

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Steller Sea Lion Biological Opinion publicly released today on NMFS-Alaska site

Credit: NOAA

The Steller Sea Lion Biological Opinion is now posted on the NMFS’ Alaska Regional Office website at:

Comments are being accepted through August 27, 2010.  Comments may be emailed directly to NMFS at

Groundswell recalls 1977, at the New England Fish Company, when fishery development experts recommended no shoreside plants for groundfish surimi operations should be built in Alaska, in large part due to the predictable problems their captive near-shore trawl fleets would cause in harming marine mammals like the SSL.