Catch Shares Not the Panacea that Senator Olympia Snowe Believes

March 25, 2011 – by Richard Grachek

 “The Days-at-Sea program had plunged our fishing industry into a downward  spiral, decimating fish stocks and diminishing prospects at sea from 65 days to as few as 14 in 2010.”   — Sen. Olympia Snowe, March 25, 2011 Press Herald opinion.

Blaming the Days-At-Sea system is a cover for the mismanagement of the entire fishery for the last twenty or more years and a blatantly disingenuous oversimplification of an enormously complex eco-system and its dynamics. — Richard Grachek

The following reply by Grachek debunks Snowe’s opinion and the EDR-backed falsehoods… read on:

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