BLUE STATE OF MIND #2 – Listen up…


Here’s the second half of the first show for listeners.  You will have to click the link below and use DOWNLOAD once in the Dropbox feature.  If you have your own Dropbox account, well you know what to do to save it across to your files.

Once downloaded, your computer should activate MediaPlayer or iTunes or some other audio program that you have Preferences set for the .m4a file extension.  Complex?  We hope not, so have a listen…


Blue State of Mind – Groundswell 2


BLUE STATE OF MIND #1 – Listen up…

smsmsmIn 2007, Shannyn Moore — the brilliant mind, clear voice of experience in Alaska fisheries, and nationwide known talk show host — fulfilled her wish to do a FISHERIES Talk Radio show on station in Anchorage, Alaska.  She had become aware of the public advocacy, and anti-corruption, efforts of the Groundswell Fisheries Movement and offered Stephen Taufen, Groundswell’s founder, a chance to go live radio.

BLUE STATE OF MIND (c) 2007  Photo Credit – Shannyn Moore site

See #4 at her MOORE UP NORTH Public TV show on fisheries, with Alaskans covering issues from the Pebble Mine to Transfer Pricing, see the link:  Taufen was fresh out of the hospital again and bloated up with 3 gallons of extra body fluid, but ready to be there for the public… and the Groundswell advocacy.

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