Who Owns the Flying Duck? — Terry Haines, Pacific Fishing, June 2006



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Common resources privately held

Who Owns the Flying Duck?

Who owns the air? Who owns the ocean? Who owns a duck flying overhead, on his way to his summer house in the Arctic marshes?

Does everyone? Does anyone?

Legions of lobbyists are marching on Washington to join the crusade to divvy up every fish that swims within two hundred miles of the United States of America. But the government doesn’t even own the fish that it is giving away. This is the duck that hovers over the reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Act, ready to release its payload.

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Steve Welch takes on Catch Shares & Council & Government Regulation

Commercial fisherman, Steve Welch of Plymouth, speaks against essential fish habitat proposals, and strongly opposes Catch Share mentality of regional fish council that is ruining our industry.

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Groundswell notes that such anti-Catch Share feelings are common among many in Alaska, as NOAA/NMFS plunders forward on giving away national resources under a stewardship trust, as if the USA actually owned the fish inside 200-miles (which it does not!) to enrich a few sealords through government giveaways.  There is no “sharing” save for sharing chairs in the elitist 5% caste system CS’s create; or laborers sharing among 95% in the impoverished caste. Class warfare is not management of ocean stocks.

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