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Fisheries activists bring you the latest fish tales from Kodiak Island in the Gulf of Alaska…and statewide fisheries politics.  This site is designed to post up archived FISH POLITICS AND POLICY articles of the GROUNDSWELL FISHERIES MOVEMENT, primarily by its founder, Stephen Taufen and key players such as Victor Smith, Shawn Dochtermann, Ray Metcalfe and others.  The site will feature former AlaskaReport.com articles, Op-Ed pieces published in “The Fishermen’s News” under the BONSAI BUCCANEERS IN THE FISH REPUBLIC OF ALASKA series, and other industry media; as well as new perspectives.


Groundswell has hosted the publication of dual-authored and individually contributed fisheries articles, and welcomes independent writers who believe their works fit the theme of citizen-taxpayer advocacy, public rights, and anti-corruption in USA fisheries.  Using the COMMENTS section, you may send a note describing a proposed article and we will respond accordingly.  Thank you… it takes just a few good persons to stand up against Corporatocracy & Speak Truth to Power to create remarkable change.

  All COMMENTS become the property of the site to use at its discretion. COMMENTS will be reviewed by the website administrator before posting and may be deleted or approved (and removed later).  This educational and perspective site is not planning on becoming an open blog nor current news site (i.e. roadkill journalism).  We will consider blocking Comment access to any abusive users, as well.  But we’re sure that most of you have some respectful thoughts, and we ask that you bear with our low staff approach, as we’ll get to the busy work after the important work is done first. 



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  1. Jennifer Harvey-Kindred says:

    I found the information about Ben Stevens and the corrupt actions reported in the article titled “Did Alaskan Buddies Try to DefraudTtaxpayers to pay Ben Stevens” from March 8, 2007 interesting. I was wondering if you know if he is still lobbying for the fishing industry? Once corrupt always corrupt just wondering where he is hiding out now. Also, I was wondering if there is any work being done in uncovering the whining and dining of state and federal legislatures by Bob Penne and Ricky Gease and the Kenai Sportsfishing Association to directly have a say in state management and planning at the expense of other fisheries and past retired state biologists who have previously managed the fisheries. My understanding is these guys are all tied to Stevens and well and just like Bill Allen provided money and other benefits to the Stevens family.