Catch Shares are Illegal: aka Resource Theft – by Richard Grachek

Catch Shares Are Illegal: CATCH SHARES aka ITQ’S aka RESOURCE THEFT

A Groundswell webpost — author Richard Grachek:

Any form of quota trading leads to consolidation, as those with the deepest pockets win out.”

“The introduction of quota trading between member states could spell the end for many, if not all, of Scotland’s fishing communities.”

— Richard Lochhead, Scotland’s Environment Secretary – May 2011

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Cohen Commission Evidence Available – Net Cage Salmon

Farmed & Dangerous posts net-cage salmon aquaculture information re British Columbia:

Sept. 30, 2011 – Cohen Inquiry: Outcome of the disease & aquaculture hearings –

“The disease and aquaculture hearings at the Cohen Inquiry have come to a close. While it wasn’t expected that a “smoking gun” would emerge during the hearings with headlines splashed all over the news, the victories for those working to protect BC’s wild salmon from the impacts of net-cage salmon farming were in the quality of information submitted as evidence that is now in the public domain, and available on the Cohen Commission website. ”  Read more

“The Right to Know” How Fish Catch Shares Sausage is Made


Richard Grachek, Sept. 24, 2011

             “The people of this country, not special interest big money should be the source of all political power.”  Sen. Paul Wellstone

 In a representative government, the people have the right to know exactly how policies, laws, rules and regulations are arrived at, and most importantly, if there is any undue influence in that process.  Either we have that right, or we do not have a representative government.  If the people are left out and the laws and regulations are written by big business through their influence on agencies and bureaucrats, then we do not have a democracy, we have an oligarchy.

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Northwest States initiate fight with Alaska’s fishing interests over Catch Shares

August 25, 2011 – Special interests from Oregon and Washington state fishing community write congressional delegates in a political attack against Alaska regarding the North Pacific Fishery Management Council. 

Now that has made the document public (eagerness over strategy), Groundswell has decided to release its searchable PDF for easier downloading.  Be sure to visit Deckboss though, as W. Loy has a good email posted involving concerns about reallocations of catch shares, by Oregon interests.  How convenient that after years of vote-counting and -rigging on the NPFMC, that as Alaska awakens to the need to protect its offshore interests, the other states clamor for more power.

These actions have effects on crewmembers’ rights that the NPFMC has relegated into oblivion, and for renewed needs for Transparency and Accountability, esp. re the CDQs (Community Development Quota) groups. For now, here’s the PDF: DOC_AppealtoWAORCong_Aug25_verY1

Update 9/15/11 – see website of the Alaska Journal of Commerce, Andrew Jensen article under Fisheries.  /

ScoringAg News: IG Office cites USDA-AMS re COOL Law failures

United States Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Marketing Service pressured to enforce COOL Law now 

COOL Law Compliance


According to a September 12, 2011 News Release by ScoringAg: The Office of Inspector General has cited USDA-AMS for not enforcing the COOL Law. All Fish/Shellfish, wild and farm raised including handlers up to retail will be accountable for COOL labeling and traceback recordkeeping for one year. 


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Alaska Senator Murkowski will co-chair Bipartisan Oceans Caucus

Nation needs to be careful of Senate’s Oceans Caucus & its participants.

September 12, 2011 — Republican U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski told media that she will be co-chairwoman of a new bipartisan Senate Oceans Caucus.  The caucus will educate congressional members with briefings on ocean research and policy. 

 If Abusive Transfer Pricing is not a part of the syllabus, then it can’t be called an education!

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Coast Guard Proposes Rule to Waive Citizenship Requirements for Crewmembers

Coast Guard Proposes Rule to Waive Citizenship
Requirements for Crewmembers on Commercial

Fishing Vessels

Previously Published in In the Loop on Aug. 26, 2011 (courtesy of FISH NEWS quarterly, Aleutians East Borough)

The U.S. Coast Guard has posted a proposed rule on the Federal Register that provides a waiver of citizenship requirements for crewmembers on commercial fishing vessels. A waiver request would have to be accompanied by a successful dockside safety examination. Comments on the proposed rule are due by November 16, 2011. 

For more information, visit this link:  

Senator Murkowski’s Fishery Aide – Is Fuglvog Still Active?

Senator Murkowski’s Fishery Aide – Is Arne Fuglvog Still Active

after Plea Bargain on Lacey Act violation? 


Hooked by the Lacey Act

This is an expansion of a draft that was submitted for publication on the East Coast, but considered “too Alaskan” in focus.  Today, August 24, greater insight compels us to post it. 

Fuglvog was allowed to keep his U.S. passport despite signing a plea agreement.  Groundswell wrote Canadian border officials to deny his entry — suspected to be for purposes of fishery policy.  Today’s National Fisherman editorial shed new light.

See also: Arne Fuglvog CV  and   And listen (04:25 to 09:45 min.) to downloadable MP3 to hear all the usual suspects bafflegab to mitigate the effects of Fuglvog’s case at

Catch Shares – Nils Stolpe on Conspiracy, Cooperation, or Coincidence

Call it conspiracy, cooperation or coincidence, but no matter what you call it, the public record isn’t going to change

Nils E. Stolpe/Fish Net USA — May 08, 2011

The following link will carry you to a great article about the framework of Catch Shares promotion — which is a long-term, coordinated effort by a select few to convert Public Commonweal into Privatized Property.

The following page contains some federal guideline discussion, which may illuminate the legal underpinnings that favor Stolpe’s perceptions…

And if you have any doubts that a Conspiracy (and the related Damage Control) happened in Alaska’s Crab Rationalization (privatization) regime, just read the Addendum at

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Catch Shares Not the Panacea that Senator Olympia Snowe Believes

March 25, 2011 – by Richard Grachek

 “The Days-at-Sea program had plunged our fishing industry into a downward  spiral, decimating fish stocks and diminishing prospects at sea from 65 days to as few as 14 in 2010.”   — Sen. Olympia Snowe, March 25, 2011 Press Herald opinion.

Blaming the Days-At-Sea system is a cover for the mismanagement of the entire fishery for the last twenty or more years and a blatantly disingenuous oversimplification of an enormously complex eco-system and its dynamics. — Richard Grachek

The following reply by Grachek debunks Snowe’s opinion and the EDR-backed falsehoods… read on:

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